so that’s what a year feels like

IMG_0388yup it’s official, today marks my one-year travel anniversary!  it was one year ago today that i left my home in Seattle, got on that airplane and never looked back.  ever since then i have been traveling non-stop.  in fact in this past year i have made exactly 118 stops in 10 countries and the longest i have stayed in one place is only 13 nights.  perhaps you are wondering how i know all of this?  those of you who know me even a little bit will not be surprised to learn that i have actually been keeping meticulous track of all of the places i have been this entire time and i think now is an appropriate time to share it all with you.

please allow me to introduce to you the “Travel Stats” page.  therein you will find both a per-country and per-place breakdown of my travels including an ongoing list of the now 20 motorbikes i have rented and the clever nicknames i have given them.  you will also find a link to my “TravellersPoint” profile which plots all of (well most of) the places i have been onto a map in a connect-the-dots sort of way. quite the tangled travel web i have woven eh? i will of course try to keep this page as up to date as i can.  i realize i have made a lot more work for myself by creating it but what the hell, a fellas gotta geek out somehow right?

happy travel anniversary to me!  don’t worry friends and family, i’ll come home eventually:)

  1. #1 by Ann the Whittaker on March 11, 2014 - 8:14 pm

    This is INSANE. And pretty awesome. Sheesh-Louise!

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